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Synchron Slaughter is an instrumental 1-900 single that we turned an animated music video. It's a musical homage to the havoc-wreaking infiltration of Jacob Murdock's phone by The Operator.

A comic book in Metal form? This was the idea behind the story-driven narration present on 1-900's first EP.

Before the founding of HyperRot Comics and the decision to create a full-blown comic about 1-900, the fictional story of the band and their battle against the evil forces of The Operator, Modem, and Open Source was to be told exclusively within the songs. Hence, the unique mixture of instrumental parts, narration, and singing present on the record.​

With the comic books now available to drive the story, we've scrapped the narration element for newer 1-900 songs. The balance of instrumental Power Metalwave along with strategically placed vocals, and the more detailed narrative provided by the comics, has turned out to be a winning combination.

Brett Miller

Guitarist & Vocalist for the real-world band known as 1-900, composer, and creator of the '80s-influenced sci-fi storyline that pits the fictional version of the band against the interdimensional (and potentially Earth-conquering) phone handset known as The Operator.

DD Bass

Bassist for 1-900, and writer of the comic book series of the same name. DD brings to life the steampunk-esque story of 1-900, steeped in the technology of the 1980s, which pits the Metal factions of American freedom against the touchtone totalitarianism of the Synchrons.

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